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Ufactory xArm 7

UFACTORY xArm 7 Robotic Arm - COBOT


The UFACTORY xArm 7, the latest in robotic automation technology. With 7 degrees of freedom, this cutting-edge robotic arm offers incredible flexibility and precision, making it ideal for a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications. Equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent control systems, the xArm 7 is capable of handling complex tasks with ease, increasing efficiency and productivity in your operation. Its compact design allows for easy integration into existing production lines, and its user-friendly interface makes programming and operation simple for any user. Whether you need to streamline production processes, improve accuracy, or optimize workflow, this is a perfect solution for your automation needs.


Payload 3.5kg
Reach 700mm
Degrees of freedom 7
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Maximum Speed 1m/s
Weight(robot arm only) 13.7kg
Maximum Speed 180°/s
Joint 1 ±360°
Joint 2 -118°~120°
Joint 3 ±360°
Joint 4 -11°~225°
Joint 5 ±360°
Joint 6 -97°~180°
Joint 7 ±360°
*Ambient Temperature Range 0-50℃
Power Consumption Min 8.4 W, Typical 200 W, Max 400 W
Input Power Supply 24V DC,16.5A
Footprint Ø 126 mm
Materials Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Base Connector Type M5*5
ISO Class Cleanroom 5
Robot Mounting Any
End Effector Communication Protocol Modbus RTU(rs485)
End Effector I/O 2*DI/2*DO/2*AI/1*RS485
Communication Mode Ethernet
Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Output 24VDC 20.8A
Weight 3.9kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 285*135*101mm
Control Box IO 16*DI/16*DO/2*AI/2*AO
Communication Ethernet, RS485 Master*1, RS485 Slaver*1
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