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automation solutions and robotic arms

Robotic arms can revolutionize the way your team operates. Whether you run a manufacturing facility or a university lab, implementing automated solutions to repetitive and mindless tasks is a surefire way to improve output, increase precision, and free up your team for more fulfilling work. Don’t let the idea of robotics intimidate you. You don’t need to be a programmer or engineer to incorporate robotic solutions into your workflow. Devonics offers robotic arms that are affordable, easy to use, and highly versatile. Learn more about everything our robotic arms can do for you!

Robotic Arms - in Stock in USA


If you’re new to the world of robotic solutions, you might be wondering what they are capable of doing. With the right programming and end effectors, it seems like our robotic arms can do just about anything. We offer a wide range of robotic arms with varying degrees of articulation and weight capacity. So, we are sure to have a combination of arms and accessories that can achieve your team’s end goals. Some of the most common uses of our arms include:

  • Assembly

  • Machine tending

  • Material handling

  • Painting and polishing

  • Drilling, cutting, and welding

  • Picking, packing, and palletizing

  • Gluing and adhesive application 

  • Cleaning,