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Epson GX10B SCARA Robot - 650mm

Epson GX10B SCARA Robot - 650mm


Product Highlights

  • Ultra high performance and flexibility
  • Handles heavy payloads from a small footprint
  • Smooth motion and fast settling times with patented GYROPLUS technology
  • Epson RC+ software helps create powerful automation solutions
  • SafeSense technology can increase productivity and worker safety
  • Also available in 850mm arm length


Epson GX10-Series. Taking SCARA robot performance to the next level.

Introducing the GX10-Series, part of Epson’s new high-power-density SCARA robot lineup. The GX10-Series builds upon four decades of expertise to deliver next-level performance and flexibility in a compact footprint. A breakthrough in productivity, this series uses advanced GYROPLUS® vibration reduction technology to provide fast production speeds and smooth motion control, all with heavy payloads.

Featuring SafeSense technology with an EN/ISO 13849 safety rating, the RC700E controller provides safety rated speed and position monitoring that, with proper risk assessment, can allow humans and robots to interact without a safety fence. This next-level functional safety technology helps improve productivity by enabling faster interaction with machines for daily operations and maintenance. And by potentially removing the need for physical safety barriers, users can help reduce the footprint and overall cost of their robot automation system.

Engineered to meet your unique automation needs, the GX10B offers multiple arm configurations and 650 and 850 mm reaches to accomplish the most demanding tasks—including assembly, pick and place, dispensing, and other material handling with ultra high precision. Its innovative, compact design easily integrates into Cleanroom, ESD or Washdown environments and handles payloads up to 10 kg from a conveniently small form factor. Designed for ease of use, Epson RC+® software works seamlessly with the GX10B to create powerful automation solutions and offers integrated options to simplify the most complex applications. Plus, with battery-less encoders and other useful features, it supports a remarkably low total cost of ownership.

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