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Epson RS3 SCARA Robots - 350mm

Epson RS3 SCARA Robots - 350mm


Product Highlights

  • Industry Leading Work Envelope Usage
  • No Lost Space in Center of Work Envelope
  • Extremely high speed with superior cycle throughput
  • Zero Footprint Robot
  • ISO Clean & ESD Compliant Models

Unique Design - Maximum Work Envelope Efficiency

Epson RS3 SCARA robots use a unique new design to improve both work envelope usage and cycle throughput. The arm structure was designed so that joint 2 can maneuver under joint 1 and thus utilize the entire workspace underneath the arm. Unlike other SCARA robot designs, there is no lost space in the center of the work envelope. No other robot vendor offers a 350mm SCARA robot arm which can work with pallets as large as 494mm x 494mm. A pallet size this large would normally require a SCARA arm which is almost double the size. Imagine now being able to use a 350mm arm for applications that used to require a much larger 750mm arm. The RS3 SCARA arms are also designed for speed. With super fast cycle times the RS3 is ideal for applications running in demanding industries such as Automotive, Medical, Semi Conductor, Food, Pharmaceutical, Consumer, and many others, Epson RS3 SCARA's are the unique alternative to "just another SCARA" arm and they deliver the high performance required for todays demanding applications.

RS3 SCARA+ arms are available in 350mm arm lengths with either a 130mm Z-Axis length (100mm clean). They are also available in ISO3 Clean/ESD configurations as required for the semi-conductor and medical industries.

With the industry leading ease of use of the Epson RC+ Development Environment and a ton of integrated options, Epson RS3 Robots with Epson Controllers significantly reduce overall learning curves and development time. RS3 SCARA+ robots are available with either our compact powerful RC180 Controller or our open architecture PC based RC620+ Workcell Controller. The choice is yours depending upon your application. Both controllers feature a host of integrated options such as Vision Guide, .NET support, DeviceNet, Profibus and Ethernet/IP communications interfaces and much more.

The RS3 robots were created to provide high performance robots with maximum work envelope efficiency. No other SCARA in the world has the work envelope capacity ratio offered with the RS-Series models. The RS3 is a 350mm SCARA+ arm capable to working on 494mm x 494mm pallets which would normally require a SCARA arm almost 750mm in size. Also, with movement through the center of the work envelope, the RS-Series arms can significantly reduce cycle times by traveling through shorter distances vs having to always go around the center of the work envelope. Add all this to our Industry Leading Ease of Use and Powerful Controllers and it's easy to see why Epson RS-Series robots are quickly becoming the robot of choice.

High Performance

  • Best in Class Work Envelope Usages (no dead space)
  • Champion Cycle times of 0.34 seconds improve total part throughput
  • Outstanding Accel/Decel Rates with smooth start/stop motion
  • Unique "through center" motion reduces cycle times
  • PowerDrive Servo Technology provides maximum motion performance

Unique Design Yields Better Work Envelope Utilization

  • Overhead mounting to eliminate dead space
  • Perfectly cylindrical envelope to reach more area
  • Joints 1 and 2 can move +/-225mm
  • Joint 2 moves completely underneat Joint 1 for maximum envelope efficiency

Best in Class Controllers and Development Software

  • Industry Leading Ease of Use with Epson RC+ Development Environment (saves development time)
  • Two Tiered Controller offering allow high performance or lower cost solutions with the RS3 robots
  • High Performance processing power many times faster than competitors models
  • Integrated options to maximize system performance and reduce overall development time (see options page for more details)

Integrated Options Reduce Development Time

  • Industry Leading Ease of use with Vision Guide Vision Guidance solution
  • Microsoft .NET support for both RC180 and RC620+ Controllers (progam using VB, C/C++, LabView, etc.)
  • Integrated Communications Modules Including: Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link and Ethernet/IP (RC620+ only)
  • GUI Builder allows easy creation of Operator Interfaces from the Epson RC+ Development Environment
  • Integrated Conveyor Tracking, Additional I/O, Force Sensing and many more integrated options available

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductor
  • Food
  • Electronics
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