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Types of End-of-Arm (EOAT) Tooling for Industrial Robots

Updated: Apr 25

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The tools and gadgets installed at the end of an industrial robot's arm are referred to as end-of-arm tooling (EOAT). To carry out particular jobs like welding, painting, and material handling, these equipment are used. There are various kinds of EOAT, such as:

1. Grippers are tools for picking up and moving items. They may be electromechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic in nature.

2. Welding torches: These are employed in the joining of metal components.

Painting brushes: These are tools for painting surfaces.

3. Material handling tools: These are used to transport and handle objects like metal sheets or cardboard boxes.

4. Cutting instruments: These are used to cut materials like plastic or metal.

5. Assembly tools are employed in the process of screwing or bolting components together.

EOAT can be modified to meet the special requirements of a given application and quickly swapped out to enable the robot to carry out various activities as required.

All types of End-of-Arm (EOAT) Tooling for Industrial Robots are similar to those for Cobots as well.


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