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Get Low, Get Low: Cobots in Universities and Manufacturer Discounts


One technology that's gaining widespread adoption in educational institutions worldwide is collaborative robots, or cobots.

The Role of Cobots in University Education

Cobots represent a significant advancement in robotics technology, offering universities

a versatile platform for hands-on learning and research across various disciplines. From

engineering and computer science to manufacturing and automation, cobots provide

students with valuable practical experience in programming, operation, and problem-solving. By integrating cobots into their curricula, universities can prepare students for careers in industries where automation and robotics play a crucial role.

Benefits of Cobots in Educational Settings

1. Hands-On Learning, Cobots offer students the opportunity to interact with cutting-edge technology in a hands-on manner, reinforcing theoretical concepts with practical applications.

2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Cobots are inherently interdisciplinary, bridging the gap between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and more. This fosters collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas among students and faculty.

3. Real-World Experience, by working with cobots, students gain insight into the

practical challenges and considerations involved in deploying robotics and automation solutions in real-world settings.

4. Preparation for Industry, with industries increasingly adopting cobot technology,

students who are proficient in working with cobots are better prepared for careers in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and other sectors where automation is prevalent.

Manufacturer Discounts for Educational Institutions

Many manufacturers, including ones we at Devonics promote, recognize the importance of supporting educational initiatives and offer attractive discounts for universities and academic institutions. These discounts make it more affordable for universities to invest in Cobot solutions and provide students with access to state-of-the-art technology.

By partnering with manufacturers that offer educational discounts, universities can maximize their budgets and expand their capabilities in robotics and automation education. Want to learn more contact us at

Devonics is your best option for partner in educational innovation, period.

Why? At Devonics, we're committed to empowering universities with cutting-edge cobotic solutions tailored to their unique educational needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your robotics curriculum, establish a research lab, or provide hands-on training in automation, our team of experts is here to help. With our educational discounts and comprehensive support services, we make it easy for universities to embrace cobot technology and prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

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