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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Robot End Effector

Updated: Apr 25

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The end-effector, often referred to as end-of-arm tooling, is a necessary component of industrial robots (EOAT). It is difficult for the robotic arm of an industrial robot to carry out task-specific applications without that. Many robotic manufacturers do not include the EOAT in the building of the robot arm, despite the significance of a robot end-effector.

A robotic arm can become more adaptable and perform a variety of tasks on the factory floor by integrating an end-of-term tool. Applications of an EOAT are determined by the type that was integrated into the robot. The right end-effector choice might be the difference between highly productive and inefficient operations. Industrial robotic end-effectors are essential parts of every industrial robotic activity.

Things To Take Into Account When Choosing The Best Robot End-Effector

- The operating environment for robot end-effectors

- Payloads and weight

- Size and shape of the goods

- The length of the tooling

- The cycle time, and ancillary components

- Vacuum cups

- Magnets

- Power clamps

- Grippers

- Venturis

- Cost

Every industrial robot, especially contemporary collaborative robots, needs an end-effector. Without the necessary end-effectors, robotics may not be able to accomplish its primary goal of automating manual processes to increase profitability. Therefore, in order to improve a robotic system's overall performance, it is crucial to select the best robot end-effector.

A powerful robot end-effector will also guarantee improved business operations. Consult a robotic systems integrator with substantial experience in your field if you are unsure of the ideal EOAT to integrate with your industrial robot. The same integrator have to be quite knowledgeable and skilled in order to choose the best EOAT for your robotic applications.


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