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3 Key Benefits of Robotic Automation You Can't Ignore

Updated: Apr 25

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In recent years, organizations have been more and more interested in robotic automation as a way to increase productivity, cut costs, and boost overall performance. The following are the top three justifications why a company ought to think about introducing robotic automation:

1. Greater efficiency: One of the main advantages of robotic automation is its capacity to carry out jobs more quickly and accurately than people. Businesses can boost efficiency and production by automating some operations so that staff can concentrate on more difficult and valuable jobs.

2. Cost savings: Employing robotic automation can help firms save a lot of money. Automation eliminates the need for human labor, which can be expensive. It can also help to save expenses by decreasing errors and rework.

3. Quality improvement: Robotic automation can also contribute to higher-quality goods and services. Businesses may ensure that jobs are executed consistently and accurately by automating some operations, which will increase quality and customer satisfaction.

The National Association of Manufacturers found that 71% of manufacturers said that using automation had enhanced productivity.

According to a research by the Center for Global Policy Solutions, organizations who adopted automation experienced an average cost reduction of 22%.

According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, product quality increased in 88% of the organizations that used robotic automation.

According to a Boston Consulting Group analysis, businesses who automated their production processes reported an improvement in productivity of between 10% and 25%.

These figures show the profound effect robotic automation can have on a company's productivity, cost savings, and product quality. Companies can decide whether to embrace robotic automation and reap its many benefits by carefully weighing the jobs that can be automated and the potential impact on their organization.


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