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The Vention Telescopic Lift Column is the go-to choice for height adjustable cobot palletizing applications. The V2 update now includes support for even larger cobots. The Telescopic Column features direct bolt-on support for Doosan H & M series, UR 10, 16 & 20, and the Fanuc CRX 10, 20, & 25. It is also possible to mount many other cobots supported by Vention through the use of a Vention Robot Plate. See the techdoc for a detailed list of supported robots and all other technical details. Mount the lift column on an extrusion or machined frame using the 12x M8 fasteners included or floor anchor it .


Technical Specifications

Spec AttributeSpec Value
Max Output Force2250 N
Load Capacity2250 N
Stroke870 mm
Repeatability+/- 0.5 mm
Max Linear Speedup to 100 mm/s
Displacement Ratio8.38 mm/turn
Max Height1700 mm


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