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The revolutionary UR5e, a powerhouse in Universal Robots' esteemed line-up. With a part number of PR-UR-005-0000, this robust cobot weighs 34.4 kg and measures 915.0 x 760.0 x 485.0 mm. Priced at $37,245.00 USD, it offers exceptional value for its outstanding capabilities. Associated with 4 x HW-FN-003-1025 fasteners, this cobot is ready for seamless integration into your workflow.

Performance-wise, the UR5e boasts an impressive 850 mm reach and an exceptional repeatability of 0.03 mm, ensuring precise and consistent results every time. With a maximum payload of 5 kg and a robot weight of 20.6 kg, it provides the strength and stability needed for a wide range of applications. Operating with six degrees of freedom, it delivers maximum flexibility and agility.

Power efficiency is a hallmark of the UR5e, with a maximum average power consumption of 570 W and a typical average consumption of 200 W, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising performance. Movement is smooth and swift, with each joint offering a 360-degree range and a typical linear speed of 1000 mm/s.

Certified to meet stringent safety standards including EN ISO 13849-1, PLd Category 3, and EN ISO 10218-1, the UR5e prioritizes the well-being of operators. With an IP rating of 54 for the robot and 44 for the controller, durability and reliability are assured even in challenging environments.

The controller, weighing 12 kg and measuring 460 mm x 449 mm x 254 mm, operates on a 100-240VAC, 47-440Hz power source. Equipped with 7 digital ports and 7 analog ports, it facilitates seamless connectivity and control. Compliant with ISO 14644-1 Class Cleanroom 6 standards, it ensures optimal performance in diverse settings.

Backed by an 18-month warranty, the UR5e offers peace of mind and reliability. Optional add-on services such as the Field Evaluation Service for Canada (CSA SPE 1000) further enhance its versatility, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking advanced automation solutions. Experience the future of robotics with the UR5e from Universal Robots.


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