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Introducing the state of the art UR3e a cutting edge addition, to Universal Robots product range. Weighing 25.0 kg and measuring 915.0 x 760.0 x 485.0 mm in size this innovative cobot, identified by part number PR UR 003 0000 delivers performance priced at $30,852.00 USD per unit. With a reach of 500 mm and an impressive repeatability of 0.03 mm the UR3e effortlessly handles a payload of 3 kg. Featuring six degrees of freedom and weighing 11.2 kg it ensures movement while maintaining power consumption levels averaging at 100 W and peaking at 300 W.

The robots movement is smooth and seamless with each joint offering a full range of motion at 360 degrees and infinite movement capabilities for J6. The UR3e achieves a speed of up to 1000 mm/s for accurate operations. It is certified to adhere to stringent safety standards like EN ISO 13849 1 and PLd Category 3 as EN ISO10218 1 to ensure a secure working environment with an IP rating of 54 for the robot itself and IP rating of44, for the controller guaranteeing durability.

The controller weighs12 kg with dimensions of460 mm x449 mm x254 mmand operates on a power source ranging from100 240VACat47 440Hz.
The UR3e comes with 7 ports and 7 analog ports, for connections. Moreover it meets the ISO 14644 1 Class Cleanroom 6 standards ensuring performance in challenging conditions.

With an 18 month warranty the UR3e provides peace of mind. Optional services such as the Field Evaluation Service for Canada (CSA SPE 1000) further enhance its flexibility. Discover precision, efficiency and reliability with the UR3e, from Universal Robots.

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