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FR20 cobot is a platform product with powerful, scalable and sustainable capabilities, which can empower integrators and end-users, and provide a powerful option for solving the pain points. By virtue of FAIR's technological advantages of intelligence and flexibility, as well as the self-developed core components, FR20 breaks through the limit of intelligent and flexible application of robots in various scenarios, realizes the in-depth combination with scenario application.


Degrees of freedom6 rotating joints 
HMI10.1 inch teach pendant or mobile terminal Web APP 
Pose repeatability oer ISO 9283±0.03mm 
Axis movementWorking rangeMaximum speed
1 axis±175°±180°/s
2 axis﹢85°/﹣265°±180°/s
3 axis±150°±180°
4 axis﹢85°/﹣265°±180°/s
5 axis±175°±180°/s
6 axis±175°±180°/s
Typical TCP speed1m/s 
Weight≈75kg(Weight without wire) 
Operating temperature0-45℃ 
Operating humidity90%RH(non-condensing) 


The system adopts the leading EtherCAT bus architecture, with strong real-time and high stability, which comprehensively improves the production performance in various scenarios.


Core components are self-developed and self-produced, with patented design scheme, modular design scheme, and full closed-loop joint torque feedback to ensure safety and efficiency.


Adopt graphical programming, smooth drag teaching function, multi-axis linkage, easy integration.


IP66 protection, perfectly adapted to all types of application scenarios, safer and more reliable.


Support ROS secondary development, self-developed open platform, to meet more diverse needs, support a variety of communication protocols. Provide convenience for robot integrators.


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