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FR16 can efficiently and reliably handle the demands of heavy-duty tasks, suitable for automated tasks with high payload. The FR16 balances speed, load, and safety with the dedication, safety, and reliability qualities of FAIRINO cobot.


Degrees of freedom6 rotating joints 
HMI10.1 inch teach pendant or mobile terminal Web APP 
Pose repeatability oer ISO 9283±0.03mm 
Axis movementWorking rangeMaximum speed
1 axis±175°±180°/s
2 axis﹢85°/﹣265°±180°/s
3 axis±150°±180°
4 axis﹢85°/﹣265°±180°/s
5 axis±175°±180°/s
6 axis±175°±180°/s
Typical TCP speed1m/s 
Weight≈40kg(Weight without wire) 
Operating temperature0-45℃ 
Operating humidity90%RH(non-condensing) 


The system adopts the leading EtherCAT bus architecture, with strong real-time and high stability, which comprehensively improves the production performance in various scenarios.


Core components are self-developed and self-produced, with patented design scheme, modular design scheme, and full closed-loop joint torque feedback to ensure safety and efficiency.


Adopt graphical programming, smooth drag teaching function, multi-axis linkage, easy integration.


IP66 protection, perfectly adapted to all types of application scenarios, safer and more reliable.


Support ROS secondary development, self-developed open platform, to meet more diverse needs, support a variety of communication protocols. Provide convenience for robot integrators.


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