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Automated Mobile Robots, amr - Mobile Industrial Robot

Automated Mobile Robots is a self-charging robotic gadget that can effortlessly carry out fleet dispatch activities and travel on its own. It can go both forward and backward and automatically stops when it encounters any obstructions.

Hybrid Navigation - Laser+Vision+Inertia
Operation Precision - ±2mm/±0.2°

Aisle Width (mm)) - ≥950

Payload (kg) - 600

Optional Lift (mm) - 60

Run Time (h) - 8

Basic Parameters 

Dimension (L*W*H) 945×650×300mm
Weight 190kg
Differential Drive 


Front Laser (Rear laser optional)
Bottom Camera
Top Camera


Lithium-ion 48v  31.5Ah
Charging Time 1.5h
Runtime 8h


Rated Payload 600kg
Docking Accuracy ±2mm/0.2°

Position Accuracy ±10mm/1°

Max Speed 1.5m/s

Laser FOV 210°

Safety System

Laser Obstacle Avoidance
Sound and Light Alarm Bumper
Optional 3D Camera

Emergency Stop


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