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The H-Series is the most powerful cobot in the industry. With 6 powerful Force Torque Sensors to ensure a safe working environment.

Key Features:
∙ High+ Payload
 - Features the astonishing payload, capable of easily handling heavy objects of up to 25kg.
∙ High+ Safety - Guarantees superb operator safety, ensured with the industry’s best collision sensitivity based on six torque sensors and a gravity compensation algorithm.
∙ High+ Flexibility - Boasts more flexible workspace settings with easy on-site robot repositioning along with easy ARM linking and installation made possible with a weight half that of collaborative robots in the same class.
∙ High+ Productivity - Maximize efficiency and productivity with the reduced cycle time and excellent cost-effectiveness, capable of a return on investment in the shortest amount of time.

Basic Components:
∙ Controller - A control device capable of interfacing with various automation equipment and peripherals as it supports a complete suite of the latest communication technologies.


Payload: 25kg 

Reach Radius: 1500mm

Weight: 72 kg - 158.7 lbs

Component Type: Collaborative Robot




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