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The DOBOT Nova 2 from DEVONICS™ is a versatile entry-level cobot designed to perform a diverse range of tasks with precision and efficiency. With a payload capacity of 2 kg and a reach of 625 mm, this cost-effective robotic solution is suitable for various applications, including educational, retail, catering, and vending machines. The cobot's six axes and impressive repeatability of ±0.05mm ensure reliable performance in any task it undertakes. 

Easy to Use.
No Experience Required.

Industry leading programming methods such as replaying user guided trajectory and graphical user interface require no coding knowledge. Users in the retail and hospitality industries can easily incorporate Nova cobots into standardized workflow upon completion of training course. Effortlessly monitor cobot activities and manage software upgrades over the cloud.


Safety Enhanced. Protection Ensured.

Nova cobots are equipped with intelligent sensors with 5 adjustable protection levels. Operation stops in 0.01 second upon collision detection to secure the safety of people. Additional safety features such as human motion sensing and posture freeze upon power shutoff offer much desired human-robot collaboration in the commercial sector.


Weight                                                    11 kg

Maximum Payload                              2 kg

Working Radius                                   625 mm

Maximum Speed of TCP                 1.6 m/s


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