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The CRA series, the new generation of collaborative robots, incorporates high-performance integrated joints, leading to a 25% increase in the cycle time and unprecedented efficiency. The new control cabinet and DobotStudio Pro system software ensures a comprehensive enhancement in safety, stability, and scalability, and improve human-machine collaboration to a whole new level.


Unparalleled speed

The latest integrated joint enhances the joint speed to 223°/s, which is the highest in the industry. This improvement allows for a wider range of application scenarios and boosts the production cycle time of common tasks like material handling by 25%. Consequently, it generates greater economic benefits.


Fast response

The EtherCAT bus is utilized by the joint servo, providing a vast bandwidth of hundreds of megabits and a joint response speed in the millisecond range.
This remarkable combination greatly enhances the robot's movement speed and trajectory smoothness, enabling it to efficiently carry out a wide range of tasks.


Accurate positioning

Each robot is precisely calibrated with a laser calibration system, ensuring an absolute positioning accuracy of under 0.4 mm. This exceptional precision enables the robot to effortlessly tackle high-precision production tasks, thereby enhancing consistency and quality assurance in the production process.


With SafeSkin

Weight 25kg
Payload 5kg
Reach 900mm
Maximum Speed of TCP 2m/s

Repeatability ±0.02mm
Input Power 100~240VAC, 47~63Hz

Communication: 2*WAN for TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET; 1*485 port for Modbus RTU; Wi-Fi
IP Classification IP54
Temperature 0~45° Power Consumption 150w Material Aluminum alloy, ABS


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